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Women's Football World Cup-2007, China

Thanks to zhoufan

Women's Football World Cup-2007, China
On September10, 2007, China National Philatelic Corporation Issued a first day cover carrying a one-piece set of special stamps "Emblem", with a total value of 1.20 yuan. The Picture on the stamp are entitled "Emblem"
Technical Details
Serial No. - 2007-26
Value in set – 1
Denomination – 1.20 Yuan
Date of Issue – September10, 2007
Designer of Stamp – Wang Hongwei
Size of Stamp – 15 mm (Radius of circle)
Perforation- 12.5
Sheet Composition – 16
Size of Sheet – 180x120 mm
Printing process : Photogravure
Printer : Beijing Stamp Printing House

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