Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

UAE : 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic FDC

First Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held in Singapore

Main Aim of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) :

To promote cultural education among the participating youths, the YOG programme incorporated live youth performances, art installations and festivals revolving around the Olympics spirit and cultural diversity. A wide range of activities took place, such as hands-on workshops, talks by Olympians, outdoor activities, community projects and exhibition booths, all based on five themes:

• Olympism – the origins, philosophy, structure and evolution of the modern Olympics.

• Skills development – the different aspects of a professional athletic career, such as personal development, career options and management of transitions in life.

• Well-being and healthy lifestyle – healthy eating, stress management and risks in sport such as doping.

• Social responsibility – being a responsible global citizen by caring for the environment and promoting sustainable development and community relations.

• Expression – interacting with and learning from fellow athletes through digital media and evening festivals at the Youth Olympic Village.

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