Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Liechtenstien Stamps: Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010

By longstanding tradition Liechtenstein issues special series of stamps for each Winter and Summer Olympic Games. What started in 1964 with the first official Liechtenstein Olympic stamp, on which the flags of the two host countries Austria (Innsbruck – Winter) and Japan (Tokyo – Summer) were jointly featured, has been regularly continued since the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and will be continued this year too to mark the XXI Winter Games in Vancouver (Canada). As for last year’s Olympic stamp (Peking 2008), for this series too an artist from the country hosting the Games has been sought and found. Mark Heine is the Canadian artist entrusted with the task of supplying the artwork for this series and has created two large-format dynamic oil paintings, the first showing a downhill racer in the Alpine Skiing programme (face value CHF 1.00) and the second a cross-country skier in the Nordic Skiing programme (face value CHF 1.80). The sportsmen are shown in the new kit, which when the stamps were printed was still completely unknown to the general public. These outfits are intended to enable Liechtenstein’s winter athletes to continue the great successes of earlier years and perhaps help to bring about another sporting triumph. The time is surely ripe. 

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